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We stay on board

We got you covered, even after your application is up and running

  • Solving problems in a heartbeat 
  • Keeping your software up-to-date and in top shape 
  • Adding any new feature you might need 

Becoming long-term partners

From solving issues to providing security updates and ensuring performance optimisation: we keep your solution running smoothly and safely. 24/7. And because an application is never truly ‘finished’, we always leave room for new functionalities. Both proactively and reactively, we continue to meet your needs. 


In the rare case of a bug, we are on it faster than you can say ‘ticketing system’. Want us to introduce your team to the solution we built? We happily stop by for training sessions.

Maintenance and optimisation

Your application should be fast and efficient. And our continued efforts in maintenance and optimisation ensure just that!

Release management

Our solutions have sufficient power to boost your business for years to come. If you grow, your application keeps pace. But if you’re interested in new features, we make sure they get added to the mix, too.
Impressive speed If it’s urgent for you, it’s urgent for us. Our SLA contracts state impressive guaranteed response times and we report on them, too, so you know we keep our word.
Helpful overview Got bugs to report or changes you want to request? Our ticketing system is synonymous with clear communication. It gives you an overview and constant updates, so you don’t have to keep track of everything yourself.
Clear expectations With Tactics, you always know what to expect. Either we work with a fixed price for support and maintenance, or we provide detailed cost estimates and timings for new features. No surprises there!

Complete, web-based application for big and small nursery groups

Our web application helps day-care centres all over the country with attendance recording and invoicing – and everything in between. 


Building the ClearFacts accounting app

We helped build the ClearFacts accounting app that over 35,000 companies are using to digitise documents, record transactions and carry out real-time reporting.

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Functional analysis

We map your needs and identify potential risks, always allowing for seamless integration with existing packages. We can’t wait to get to know you! 


We make sure to tick all the boxes: from the infrastructure and technology that works best for you, to on-site hosting or hosting in our cloud.  

Software development

To deliver exactly what you expect, we work in short iterations and continually ask for feedback, taking your remarks into account as we develop your next feature.