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The first step towards meeting a goal is understanding it

We make sure we get your needs mapped … and covered

Talk to an expert

A super solid foundation

What issues do you want to address? Which tools are you currently using, and are they for keeps or not? 

Through workshops and on-site visits, we gain a complete picture of your situation ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’. Starting from a high-level overview, we zoom in on the more detailed levels until we have all the information we need to draw up your action plan. 

Reference point

Your action plan contains a clear overview of all the functionalities we will provide. No misunderstandings, no fuss.

Overview of data flows

In addition, the plan specifies what components are involved and how they will succeed in talking to each other.

Easy to understand

We are allergic to jargon and fond of visuals like mind maps and flowcharts, so you’ll have no trouble whatsoever understanding the action plan.
Getting to know you Prepare for a visit from our functional and technical analyst(s)! Conversations over coffee and brainstorming sessions will provide them with all the necessary insights.
Proposing solutions Prepare to be surprised, because we are about to offer solutions you may not even have considered yet – but only if they’re better or more cost-efficient than what you had in mind, of course.
Defining scope and expectations Expectations, deadlines and agreements: we capture everything down to the smallest details to make sure we are (and remain) on the same page.

“It’s rare to come across a company you can work with for so long ”

Gert Vrebos - Cofounder ClearFacts

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