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Pioneering excellence: our flagship products

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These groundbreaking solutions have transcended mere functionality, becoming veritable game-changers in their respective domains. 

Demonstrating our steadfast pursuit of excellence, these solutions have received extensive recognition, reshaping business methodologies and providing users with unparalleled efficiency.

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Do you want control over the management of your activities in the sports, culture, and leisure sectors? Our cloud software, developed by experts with extensive knowledge and experience in these sectors, is the key to your success. Let our solution support your operational processes, enabling you to provide the best possible experience to your visitors and customers.

Our solution is used by

  • Local governments: cities and municipalities
  • Youth services and organizers of youth camps
  • Sports clubs and swimming pools
  • Cultural centers
  • After-school care

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"Because of its user-friendliness, Luwio was chosen! The software results in more efficiency and time-saving, allowing us to shift our focus to the core: sports."

Joris Rayen - Sport Vlaanderen 

Childcare software

Our web-based solution offers key advantages for everyone in the industry. For one, it is a total package, combining everything from attendance recording to invoicing, and it is remarkably extensive to boot, in terms of functionalities as well reporting.


Hundreds of cities and municipalities have already chosen our childcare software.


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“The application saves us a tremendous amount of time. Sending emails to parents can now be done with the push of a button. Furthermore, thanks to the flexibility and proactive attitude of the Tactics team, the application keeps improving. ”

Yannick Meys - Project Worker childcare Leuven

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Seeking a tailored solution? Look no further. We, with our experienced team and personalized approach, specialize in tailor-made solutions based on your specific needs. With proven products and satisfied clients, we deliver top-quality customization. Discover today how our solutions can elevate your business to new heights.


With a custom-built solution, you benefit from enhanced flexibility, seamless integration, and optimal efficiency. With proven products and satisfied clients, we deliver top-quality customization.


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