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Visualising the result: both fun and fundamental

We get the technicalities sorted; you get a first taste of your application

  • Showing you exactly what our solution does 
  • Setting everything up for testing 

The first technical steps

Things are getting serious now – or at least more concrete! We decide on the best infrastructure, technology and hosting environment for you, and get ready to tackle any integration you need. 

Building user stories

By transforming our action plan into specific user stories or scripts, we show you just what your application will be able to do. No lingo, just common sense.

Drawing up wireframes

Thanks to our wireframing – a building plan that tells you all about navigation and functionality – you see how everything will be structured and connected.

Creating a basic platform

We don’t sell empty boxes, but we do consider it our starting point. We create a basic set-up to which we deploy new functionalities for you to validate, so that our step-by-step releases always have somewhere to call home.
No surprises at the end We immediately tackle high-risk situations. Burying your head in the sand only works for ostriches, after all.
No cutting corners We are devoted to our work. No short-cuts, no fast tracks – though that doesn’t mean you have to wait for weeks to see results.
No flying solo Integrations with other third-party or in-house software packages? No worries, we take care of it.

Complete, web-based application for big and small nursery groups

Our web application helps day-care centres all over the country with attendance recording and invoicing – and everything in between. 


Building the ClearFacts accounting app

We helped build the ClearFacts accounting app that over 35,000 companies are using to digitise documents, record transactions and carry out real-time reporting.

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Functional analysis

We map your needs and identify potential risks, always allowing for seamless integration with existing packages. We can’t wait to get to know you! 

Software development

To deliver exactly what you expect, we work in short iterations and continually ask for feedback, taking your remarks into account as we develop your next feature. 


The launch of your application isn’t goodbye! We continue to offer second-line support and take care of maintenance, performance optimisation and release management.