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Allround IT dude or dudette


Tactics is growing and therefor in need of a new colleague that can support us with many small and big IT tasks. Our developers that deliver software sometimes need help with testing their applications, or need support after delivery of the product or even training users...

Are you the one that can handle a variety of IT tasks?

Your tasks and responsibilities

As our allround IT person you will perform a variety of tasks ranging from support 1st and 2nd line, have a critical eye on what our developers are creating, or even try to break it if you will. In a modern world they call that testing 😊 Give training to new users of our system, perform analysis tasks and help wherever you can.

What have you got?

As an “allround IT person”-to-be, you have:

  • Experience is great, but not everything, attitude is everything
  • You have a critical mindset and are always searching for improvement
  • You are determined to help out
  • You love IT stuff
  • An eagerness to explore new ways of doing things
  • You take responsibility
  • An analytic mind that can express itself in both English and Dutch
  • The will to invest in yourself to grow

Tactics in a nutshell

Doing what we love for more than 20 years now and that is building solutions. Our core is Web development, mobile development, integrations and more. We understand that building a solution is more than just writing code. It’s knowing that there is a user that needs to profit from your solution, a business that wants to be better because of your solution, it’s thinking ahead, it’s durability… there are just so many factors that determine whether your solution is good or not… Well, after delivering hundreds of solutions we know what it takes to build a good solution!

With a small team of about 16 specialists we gave birth to 2 successful spin offs, we have our own product line and we build the craziest things for our clients. We are the place to be if you want to learn from the best.

Go itchy fingers already? Then join us in solving our clients problems!


no requirements, just the right attitude

Work experience
would be nice, but not mandatory

Language skills
Dutch, English, French is a plus

Not sure yet if the job is for you?

An informal conversation with a coffee is also possible.
Meet up with Katheen Ribbens

Via email

By phone

At the office
Starrenhoflaan 14
2950 Kapellen

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